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5G in Europe: Timeline for Availability

Some mobile operators are already starting to claim that they offer 5G services, but some of the services being described as “5G” are not even mobile.

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Patient Centricity Is Also Vital In Health IT

Digital transformation in healthcare is about connecting the stakeholders (including the patient), data sharing and aggregation – integrated care.

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Grow Omni-Channel Profitability And Innovate In Retail

Innovation in retail is at an all-time high, as witnessed by over $17 B spent in ecommerce M&A over the past 12 months.

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BT and Facebook Launch UK Centre for Start-Ups to Get Involved in Developing Telco Infrastructure

The UK launch event took the form of a competition in which six start-ups pitched for the three places in the UK TEAC that were on offer, as well as access to a £135 million venture capital fund.

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Blockchain In Insurance Kicking Off A New Era Of Hassle Free Sales And Service

In the insurance industry, recent pilot projects involving blockchain can be looked at as great ways to improve customer confidence and loyalty.

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Big Data Analytics Is a Key Building Block in Value Based Healthcare

The rich and broad healthcare datasets are now leveraged through BDA applications to improve efficiency in operations and to predict patients' progress.

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