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Lessons on Sustainable Tourism from an Unexpected Source: Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is making good on its ambition to become a global smart and sustainable tourist destination..

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From e-Government to Invisible Government Bureaucracy

Making government bureaucracy invisible means embracing technology-powered innovation to drive proactive operations that will deliver seamless services for empowered people and businesses.

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Maximizing Efficiency and ROI: Key Insights from NRF 2024

Retailers need to continuously embrace change to stay ahead of the competition, but ensuring that efficiency and profitability are safeguarded and enhanced.

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AI Is Accelerating PropTech Innovation

Property technology (PropTech) companies are injecting much-needed innovation into the industry and driving significant changes across building life cycles.

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How France is Using Technology to Improve Their Rivers

According to our research, 28% of local governments across EMEA are already investing in smart rivers with an additional 29% considering investing in the future.

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The New Era of FinOps and GreenOps: From Cloud Cost to Sustainability to Business Value

While cloud costs optimization practices (FinOps) are becoming the norm, sustainability operations (GreenOps) are still at an early stage of maturity.

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