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Why Strategy Is Important to Thrive in an Economic Downturn

There are opportunities in an economic downturn, so what you do and where you allocate resources becomes increasingly important.

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Why Digital HQs Are Essential for Workplace Flexibility and Employee Loyalty

A digital HQ can break down silos, unite teams in an asynchronous work model and boost security.

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Unlocking the Power of Purpose: The Future of Work in the Era of Disruption

Placing purpose at the core of your business is most effective for employee performance and social cohesion.

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Why Listening to Customers and Engaging with Them Are Not the Same Thing

What are the moving parts of a fully connected and functioning customer listening and engagement system?

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Impact of Digital-Native Businesses on Traditional Organisations in Europe

Digital-native businesses are disrupting some industries more than others, and they are helping to boost digital transformation (DX) initiatives in traditional organisations.

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Top 3 Regulatory Concerns of European Organizations for the Next Two Years

We found that the top three priorities for European organizations are in the domains of Cybersecurity, Data Governance and Sustainability.

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