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Netflix Dilemmas – Why You Need a Multicloud Strategy

Multicloud is about IT decision makers getting back on the horse, measuring the costs and ensuring everything runs to perfection.

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What is Sales Enablement? – Part 2: Analytics Enablement

Analytics enablement describes the software workbench that is jointly used by marketing and sales to closely monitor the buyer’s journey.

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There is No Silver Bullet When It Comes to GDPR in the Channel

No single company can make a customer bullet proof, and no single customer can completely outsource all GDPR-related responsibilities to a third-party.

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Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Insurance Industry for Good

AI systems can present effective options to help accelerate and transform insurance industry to achieve this digital mission and stay competitive.

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Zero-Rated Mobile Data Spreads, Despite Questions of Net Neutrality

Zero rating means that an operator does not charge its customers for network traffic when they use specific internet services.

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1.0 : What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is putting the right information into the hands of the sales professional at the right time, place, and format to move a specific sales opportunity forward.

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