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Where Will The First Impacts Of Quantum Technology Be Felt In The Banking Industry?

The first area likely to see commercial deployment of quantum technology in the financial industry will be in the security space.

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Three Things Keeping Channels and Alliances Leaders Up at Night

How to find the right partners to work with, to evolve partner account management, and to navigate the complexities of GDPR in the time of Digital Transformation.

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New Realities of Digital Competition in Financial Services

The future of financial services depends on delivering products and services that are rooted in customer centricity.

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5G in Europe: Timeline for Availability

Some mobile operators are already starting to claim that they offer 5G services, but some of the services being described as “5G” are not even mobile.

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Patient Centricity Is Also Vital In Health IT

Digital transformation in healthcare is about connecting the stakeholders (including the patient), data sharing and aggregation – integrated care.

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Grow Omni-Channel Profitability And Innovate In Retail

Innovation in retail is at an all-time high, as witnessed by over $17 B spent in ecommerce M&A over the past 12 months.

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