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Goodbye Premium Android, Long Live Ultra Premium Android?

Relentless pressure is pushing down mass market Android prices, leaving most of the high end to Apple. Except Android is entering again at the very top, via the foldable phone.

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Digital Leadership Community Roundup — Enterprise Resiliency

On June 10 the IDC Digital Leadership Community, comprising CIOs from across Europe, came together to discuss enterprise resiliency and what it means for technology leaders.

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IDC European Data Strategy & Innovation Awards 2021

Are You Creating Value from Your Data?

'Build it and they will come' is not a strategy for data value. A culture-first approach targeting the whole organization is necessary for getting the best out of your data assets.

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Landing the Message – 6 Vital Communication Areas for IT

These are 6 areas of communication that IT Teams should be managing. If you and your team are doing them all, you'll probably have a great relationship with your stakeholders.

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What’s Special About the Number Ten in Device Business Cycles?

These cycles of technological advance spur performance enhancements and the replenishment of devices and keep the momentum of the industry going.

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5 Areas Where Edge Computing Will Be Key for Developing Innovative Technologies

Edge computing is needed to dramatically reduce time to value and to immediately enable business processes, and decisions.

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