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Customer Service: Telecoms’ First – and Last – Use Case for AI

2024 sees the telecoms industry again at the forefront of significant transformations, propelled by AI’s ability to automate tasks and deliver an elevated customer experience.

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ICT Opportunities in the Space Economy – Bridging the Cosmos and Earth

Industry collaboration, R&D investment, and further implementation of space tech applications will unlock new markets, drive innovation, and propel growth for the entire technology sector.

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Key Telecom Trends Shaping Global Communications in 2024

Telcos must leverage every opportunity to learn collaboratively with customers and seek out strategic partnerships to enhance their chances of success in this dynamic environment.

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5 Lessons to Shape Your AI Digital Future: Learning from the Past

AI is expected to become a driving force of our digital future, impacting individual lives, consumers, citizens, workers, businesses, and society.

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Lessons on Sustainable Tourism from an Unexpected Source: Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is making good on its ambition to become a global smart and sustainable tourist destination..

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From e-Government to Invisible Government Bureaucracy

Making government bureaucracy invisible means embracing technology-powered innovation to drive proactive operations that will deliver seamless services for empowered people and businesses.

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