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Paris Olympics: Cybersecurity Spending to Increase by $150M in Europe

To mitigate Olympic Games-related risks, organizations in Europe will increase spending on cybersecurity services by $150M in 2024, according to our analysis.

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A Tech Marketer’s Guide in the Age of GenAI – Crafting Unique Narratives

Explore 5 strategies marketers need for crafting compelling and differentiated stories in the era of generative AI.

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Application Modernization Strategies to Meet the EU CSRD Regulations

The EU CSRD is having a huge impact on organizations. It requires a review of business processes and the organizational model, and, therefore, the modernization of core business applications.

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Ransomware in EMEA – The Threats and Defenses

63.4% of EMEA organizations with 500 or more employees suffered a ransomware attack that blocked access to their systems or data in 2023.

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8 Future of Work Trends for 2024 and Beyond

Many of the FoW trends are based on 5 pillars that are essential for any business seeking to build a sustainable, human-first work environment.

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A Glimpse into the Future for European Digital Natives

Uncertain market conditions push digital natives to reprioritize their tech spending toward optimizing processes and increasing profitability.

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