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How Can Your Lab Benefit from Digital Pathology?

Digital pathology offers numerous and evolving opportunities to improve patient safety, pathology workflow, service quality, and workforce factors.

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Enhancing Employee Experience: Why Is It Important and How to Improve It

Those companies with a well-executed employee experience strategy will have a competitive advantage over their counterparts.

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Digital Leadership Community Roundup — Skills Development

The majority of organisations are in the Ad Hoc or Opportunistic stages of maturity in skills development. However, the increasing pressure of digital transformation has helped to focus attention on skills management.

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Top 10 Trends in Manufacturing in Europe for 2022: Key Takeaways from the IDC Manufacturing Executive Summit 2021

Based on the presentations from the IDC Manufacturing Summit, we were able to come up with some key takeaways and manufacturing trends for 2022.

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Hyperconverged: The Infrastructure of Choice for Ultralow-Latency IoT Use Cases

Industry-specific IoT use cases will rocket boost edge computing and break the gravity barrier to take it to new heights.

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Do You Know the Things You Must do to Be an Effective Future Digital Leader?

Do you know the things you must do to be an effective future digital leader? Our research shows that you need to focus on different things and adopt them at speed.

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