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Four Lessons for Successful CIOs

CIOs are facing a shifting tech landscape and expectations from their business. We share 4 lessons for success from leading CIOs.

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Preparing for EU CSRD Compliance: A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting the Right Technology Partners

EU CSRD regulation is imminent, and with a majority of affected companies not sufficiently prepared, more and more organizations are seeking support from technology vendors.

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How to Help Your Customers Through the Growing Pains of AI Adoption

Companies are running an average of 40 GenAI Proofs of Concept annually, and given their limited experience and expertise, it’s impressive. But is it really getting them anywhere?

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The 7 Axes of Data Platform Selection in the Era of AI: A Primer

Organizations typically consider several dimensions when making their choices. Find out some of the key criteria of data platform decision-making.

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The Critical Role of Governments in EU Cyber-Resilience

European government CIOs and CISOs that combine tool investments with a holistic approach to cybersecurity will boost the resilience of their organizations, of the communities they serve, and increase citizens’ trust in government.

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The Future of Technology: Unlocking Potential in Central and Eastern Europe

Central and Eastern Europe, with its technology hubs and innovative spirit, has the potential to become a key player in the global tech landscape..

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