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Leveraging AI to Succeed in a Highly Competitive Communications and Collaboration Market

Succeeding in the business communications market requires ensuring data efficacy, effectively training AI, and implementing guardrails to prevent misinformation.

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The Dynamic Role of the EMEA CIO: Steering the Digital Ship

The chief information officer (CIO) is assuming a pivotal role as business leader, with digital technologies driving innovation, growth, and competitive advantage.

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The Cybersecurity Vendor’s Road Map to Success in Europe: Beyond Best Practices

Building a robust cybersecurity strategy that addresses GDPR compliance, industry-specific challenges, and emerging threats will position vendors as trusted partners in the eyes of European businesses.

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The Domino Effect of Poor Employee Experience on Organizational Health: 5 Practices to Avoid

The success of any organization is inextricably linked to the experiences of its employees. Addressing these five common areas that cause poor employee experience is a critical step toward achieving better organizational health and overall success.

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Transforming Industry Ecosystems with Digital Twins: From ‘Egosystems’ to Ecosystems

Industry stakeholders must confidently navigate the complexities of digital twins to foster innovation, collaboration, and resilience within their organizations and across industry ecosystems..

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Transforming Waste into Profit: The Power of Remanufacturing Software

Companies are turning to remanufacturing as an alternative solution when they face challenges in procuring components or encounter skyrocketing prices.

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