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Why Does Digital Sovereignty Matter in Cloud Buying Decisions?

Digital sovereignty is the main advantage of using local, as opposed to global, cloud providers for more than a fifth of organisations in Europe.

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How Can Technology Be Leveraged to Improve the Lives of Ukrainian Refugees?

Technology is by no means the panacea, but it can support governments to more effectively and empathetically address the short- and longer-term needs of refugees and provide direct resources to displaced individuals.

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Compliance and Sanction Screening: Current Key Considerations for Financial Institutions

With the current volatile geopolitical, social and economic environments, financial institutions need to pay specific attention to compliance matters, such as the introduction of new sanctions, which can be imposed daily.

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Security, Privacy, Regulation — The CIO Conversation

Organisations need to inform their CEOs of digital risk, be clear about the implications of failure and sometimes frighten your leadership team a little to get the message across

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Quantum Government — Beyond Digital Transformation

Quantum government is being accelerated by the pandemic, and an opportunity to deliver on the promises of competitive net-zero economies and places, high-performing public administrations, and people empowerment and well-being.

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Top 5 Trends in Industry Ecosystems in Europe

The future of industry ecosystems is open, dynamic and shared, evolving like a biological ecosystem that changes in response to pressure, competition or disruption.

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