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Employee Experience — A Digital Imperative

Understanding the big picture of our employee experience and how our processes and technologies help, we can make a big contribution to employee retention and overall efficiency.

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The Future of Work in European Healthcare: From Exhaustion to Empowerment

The pandemic has forced us to look more in depth at the organisation of work in healthcare, and we've seen these organisations using digital to adopt new ways of working.

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Smart Policies for European Smart Cities

We have identified 8 key smart policies that European city and community leaders should put in place to maximise the benefits and tackle the risks of innovation.

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How the Russia-Ukraine War Is Impacting the Human Augmentation Market in Europe

The Russia-Ukraine war has proven that human augmentation technologies can play a key role in warfare and can have a significant impact on conflict management and awareness.

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How to Maximise Value for Patients: The Transformative Potential of a Digital Front Door

The digital front door is leading to a new era in healthcare. Healthcare providers are accelerating the adoption of digital health technologies at every patient touchpoint.

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Will the Russia-Ukraine War Make Resilience Trump Recovery?

To face this situation, European CIOs and technology suppliers must increase their own resilience to be prepared for these changes in recovery and resilience plans

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