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IDC’s Key Takeaways from Enlit Europe 2023

Among the conversations with various utility leaders, three key themes emerged that outline the direction in which this industry is moving at Enlit Europe 2023.

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The Dawn of Mass Adoption or AR

While virtual reality is already enjoying much popularity in the market, especially in the consumer segment, augmented reality is slowly unveiling its potential.

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Next Generation EHRs: 3 Key Features that Will Make the Difference

Electronic healthcare record (EHR) applications are now set to automate workflows, optimize clinical and administrative functionality.

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Technology Innovation Is All About Speed: Or Is It?

Enterprises that are looking for opportunities to gain competitive advantage should take a closer look at the way technology innovation shapes the creation of new markets.

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ChatGPT at 1: Excitement, Hype and Not a Little Chaos

ChatGPT is one! It's launch in late November 2022 kickstarted a huge new wave of excitement about the potential of AI. We take a look back at the impact and the road forward.

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The Complexity of Decarbonizing the Engineering-Oriented Value Chain

Manufacturing organizations stand at the forefront of decarbonization efforts worldwide. To meet sustainability goals, these engineering-oriented value chains (EOVC) must undergo a transformative shift.

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