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The Evolution of Digital Sovereignty: Moving Beyond Data and Cloud

Digital sovereignty is shifting gears and emphasis from self-determination to self-sufficiency and survivability.

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Back to the Future — From Smart Cities to Smarter Planet

Better and more efficient use of data was the force majeure behind many of the solutions being presented at the World Smart City Congress in Barcelona.

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What Will Customer Experience Look Like in Retail?

At the center of the 3D CX integration, there are three core elements that are foundational of the immersive retail customer experience.

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COP27: Could Data Transparency Strengthen Global Leadership?

Governments need to keep investing to tackle climate change, but they now also need to invest to increase our collective resilience.

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IDC Takeaways from Enlit Europe 2022

Here are our key takeaways from discussions and debates with technology providers and utilities from Enlit Europe 2022.

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Top 10 Manufacturing Trends in Europe

Based on the presentations and roundtable discussions from our Manufacturing Summit, these are the top 10 manufacturing trends in Europe.

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