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How AI-Powered Virtual Mentors Will Revolutionize Learning and Onboarding

Existing learning and onboarding vendors will come under pressure from new providers of virtual mentors and other related generative AI-based solutions.

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AI – Are You Ready to Get Involved or Will Your Efforts Be Wasted?

In a world inundated with AI buzz, are you feeling overwhelmed by the incessant chatter around artificial intelligence?

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Why Generative AI and Cloud Platforms Are a Perfect Match

The cloud serves as a catalyst for rapid development and scalability in the realm of generative AI.

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Why Attracting and Keeping Employees Remain Difficult in Europe in 2023

In 2022, the ability to attract and retain talent was the #1 internal CEO concern worldwide, and it remains to be so in 2023.

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Mastering Software Cost Estimation with the New Certification and Cost estimation Body of Knowledge for Software (CEBoK-S)

In the dynamic world of software development, accurate cost estimation is crucial to ensure project success.

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How Can Manufacturers Transform the Customer Experience with B2B Digital Commerce

In recent years, B2B digital commerce has seen significant growth in the manufacturing sector, and customer experience has become a key competitive differentiator.

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