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Managing Data – Identifying the Key Stakeholders

In addition to the data engineer area, many CIOs seemed to lean towards the data innovator role as one which will bring more value and position IT as a driving force in the organization.

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Why the European SD-WAN Solutions Market Shouldn’t Be Fragmented

The European SD-WAN infrastructure market provides innovations Not everyone can enter the market easily and though there is a degree of customisation, the technology is quickly evolving to standardise and achieve economies of scale. The SD-WAN infrastructure market should not be fragmented.

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Digital Leadership Community Round-Up: Communicating with the Board

CIOs should make efforts to meet with each board member to get to know their personality, priorities and areas of expertise and influence.

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IDC Digital Community Roundup — Balancing Run/Grow/Transform

The reality for many digital leaders is that there is a genuine struggle to find the capacity in IT teams for anything beyond the "run" element of this triangle.

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Do We Really Need (More) Coding to Have Successful Data Scientists?

With data scientists increasingly focusing on real-time insights or predictive analytics, we cannot afford for them to concentrate only on the technical side.

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Balancing Run vs Grow vs Transform in the Digital Age

The IT world has recognised these three aspects for some time and there has been an understanding that CIOs also need to balance them to support the organisation.

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