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BAUMA 2022 – Thinking BIG and Digital!

BAUMA is the world's leading trade fair among construction and mining machinery, and of course, digitalisation is also happening here.

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IDC Digital Leadership Community – Think Talk Topics Q4 2022

ICT Governance, Business Process Discovery Tools and Web3 and the Metaverse will be the topics we will be discussing during Q4. Join us!

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IDC Digital Leadership Community – Think Talk Summary September 2022

Business leaders need to understand that data-based decisions are better than pure intuition and be informed enough to know all measures are in place to trust the data.

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Smart City Pilgrims Head for the World Smart City Congress in Barcelona

The Barcelona World Smart Cities Congress is an important showcase of what is possible through technology and must continue to be so

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Building Tomorrow’s European Governments Through a Disruptive Approach

European governments are aiming to improve their ability to withstand long-term volatility and uncertainty, particularly through digital trust and operational resilience programmes.

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Why and How Use Cases Are Pivotal in the Digital Business Era

As use cases are discrete-funded projects to support a business' goals leveraging key enabling technologies, use cases are the critical building blocks that help them to become a digital business.

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