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Top 5 Trends in Industry Ecosystems in Europe

The future of industry ecosystems is open, dynamic and shared, evolving like a biological ecosystem that changes in response to pressure, competition or disruption.

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What Makes a Business a Success or Failure? Its Company Culture

There are three initiatives in the transformation journey: empowerment, innovation and connectedness. Placing people front and centre.

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Zero Trust and the 40% Challenge

Zero trust evolves the security model — there is no longer an "inside" and an "outside" and perimeters are used on a much smaller scale to separate networks and individual technical components.

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The Hybrid Work Conversation

In this session, we discussed the realities of hybrid work, shared best practices, experiences and challenges with the group.

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What is the Hub and Spoke Model and Why it is Here to Stay

In a Hub and Spoke model, the office spoke does not have to be an office in the conventional sense, but instead could be any place from which staff can be productive.

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A Burns Night Tribute to the Security Industry

A tribute to the security leaders, a poem from our VP of Enterprise Research Europe, Duncan Brown.

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