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Data-Driven Public Services and the Future Data Economy in Europe

Public sector organisations are trying to figure out how to leverage data to improve policymaking, service delivery and operational efficiency

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The Role of Cloud Adoption in Telco Digital Transformation

Telcos are searching for more intelligent ways to monetise their network data and to create value beyond connectivity as we surge towards an increasingly connected world.

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The Next Normal in Manufacturing

The 2 Main Challenges of the European Manufacturers – Key Takeaways from IDC’s 2nd Advisory Board Discussion 2022

The two main challenges are energy prices and cybersecurity, how these two converge, and the role that technology can play to overcome the obstacles created by these threats

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How Telcos Are Transforming in Europe: Technology, Services and Customers

Telcos in Europe must invest and improve across all aspects of their network, operations and organisation if they are to revitalise their space in the broader technology landscape.

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How Enterprise Medical Imaging Will Move Away from Siloed Care

Enterprise medical imaging eliminates traditional imaging silos by aligning imaging technology and infrastructure essentials with universal image availability.

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A Life Event Approach to Refugee Management

Technology is by no means the panacea, but it can support governments to more effectively and empathetically address the short- and longer-term needs of refugees and provide direct resources to displaced individuals.

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