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Cloud Native App Delivery: Progress is Made, But Optimization Is Hard

Cloud Native is a top area that needs to be prioritized from a system design/architecture perspective over the next 12 months.

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Future-proofing Virtual Care: A Three-step Approach

Virtual care is at a critical juncture in its development. While numerous studies have highlighted its advantages, the future of virtual care is now under scrutiny.

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AI in Retail: Enabling Purpose and Innovation

AI is emerging as a key tool for retailers to act on their purpose, pursue strategic priorities, and enable innovation.

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Sustainable Manufacturing: Key Priorities in EMEA

Despite the promise of sustainable manufacturing, there are several challenges to address. Driving sustainability will require a company-wide agreement and a cultural shift among the C-suite and stakeholders.

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ICT Market Predictions in the Making — IDC EMEA FutureScape 2024

The arrival of Generative AI technologies has created a paradigm shift in the industry, triggering the start of a new chapter that will influence everything that comes after it.

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Smart and Sustainable Roads: a Flourishing Ecosystem

Smart roads are systems of systems. The value of technology innovation is realized at the intersection of a network of stakeholders, the outcomes they aim to achieve, and the capabilities they need to implement to deliver those outcomes

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