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ROI from Digital Transformation: The CIO Conversation

The key to show ROI from Digital Transformation is to keep a strategic focus on the organisation's objectives and the end products produced for the customer.

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DORA Making Digital Resilience Real: EU Regulation on Financial Industry Operational Resilience

Financial entities and ICT third-party service providers should foster collaboration to tackle the upcoming EU regulation on digital operational resilience:

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The Digital Twin Opportunity for the Commercial Insurance Property Space

Insurers are embracing digital twin frameworks to make sense of data from the ecosystem of architecture and engineering companies, construction and real estate, critical infrastructure companies, and governments.

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The Future of Lights-Out Operations

How the Convergence of Digital Transformation, Elevated Customer Expectations and Societal Purpose Is Reshaping Enterprise Operations

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The Link Between New Work Models, Reimagining the Office and Sustainability

Considering the changing rhythms of where, when, and how work happens, the sustainable office will be viewed as an integral part of becoming an agile business.

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The Russia-Ukraine War: Top 8 Questions from Business Leaders on the ICT Market Impact

Here we have answered the top 8 questions from business leaders around the globe on the impact of the Russian-Ukraine war on the ICT market.

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