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IT restructuring

Is Restructuring IT a Good Investment?

Having roles to fit organisational structure is not a problem as long as it works. But how do you know which structure brings actual benefit?

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B2B Digital Commerce in Industrial Manufacturing: A Growing Market?

Check out the major trends and the top 5 investment drivers for B2B digital commerce in the industrial manufacturing industry

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Digital Leadership Community Roundup — The Push for Cloud

There is certainly a view that businesses want the benefits of cloud services, and vendors are pushing that way too, but the technical challenges and complexities of moving existing systems to cloud models are still significant.

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Why Data Management Is the Hottest Software Ticket in Town — and How to Respond

Data management is a fundamental enabler of almost all types of software application and yet only 6% of European organisations have embedded analytics in all their key workflows and applications.

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The Race to Cloud – What Questions Do You Need to Ask Before Making the Leap?

A cloud migration can seem like a no-brainer, but there are key things to be considered when making this move. These are some things to consider before signing off on this process.

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Digital Leadership Community Roundup — Creating and Leading High-Performing Teams

There certainly seems to be a greater effort to get IT teams involved in business decisions and a greater effort to give their leaders the skills they need.

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