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Mainframe Applications: 5 Tips for Navigating the Tightrope Between Tradition and Transformation

With the rise of new technologies like the cloud and low-cost servers, many predicted the mainframe's demise. But guess what? It's still alive and kicking, and here's why.

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Understanding Employee Work Motivation and Organization Implications

Nowadays, there is a remarkable drive amongst employees for purpose in their work, for a sense of meaningful contribution, for personal development and for fairness.

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Smart Hospitals: Pioneering Sustainable and Resilient Care through Energy Efficiency

To achieve a more sustainable, efficient, and resilient approach to care, hospitals must invest in technology innovations without impacting the quality and safety of day-to-day care..

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The Critical Role of FinOps in Europe and How Vendors Are Recalibrating to Serve Sensitive Customers

FinOps is fast becoming a critical part of IT organizations' strategy for its systematic approach to managing costs and optimizing cloud resources.

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Operationalizing Circularity at Scale in Manufacturing

Data and contextualized life-cycle information, including carbon emissions, is a real enabler of the optimization of circularity principles in the manufacturing and supply chain environment.

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Energy Efficiency: Why It Matters for European Suppliers, Consumers and the Technology Ecosystems Across Industries

From a market standpoint, the time is ripe for Europe to raise its energy efficiency game as it now sits at the convergence of three critical enablers of a functioning energy services market.

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