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Home Office is an Advantage, But Security Risks Remain

Introducing hybrid models, full home office working, or even remote working requires a set of security measures in a digital environment that is more threatening than ever.

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How to Succeed at Every Stage of Your Company’s Smart Manufacturing Journey

The ongoing wave of disruptions globally has underlined the importance of digital transformation (DX) in manufacturing organisations.

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Making Cities Autism Friendly

Cities are eager to understand how to become truly people centric, including for people with disabilities. Technology is not a silver bullet, but it can help.

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Transforming Retail Operations: A Recap of AWS London Analyst Tour

IDC Retail Insights Team Europe joined AWS for a two days’ AWS London Analyst Tour to give first-hand examples of how technology enables innovation of the entire retail value chain

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3 Key Takeaways from the IDC Retail Summit

With buyers changing how and why they shop, retailers need to ensure that their brand purpose aligns with their customers and enhances their internal operations.

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Is Customer Obsession Really a Good Thing?

Don't creep your customers out with a feeling of unhealthy over-attentiveness. Seek to serve them better, not obsess over them.

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