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Top 3 COVID-19 Capabilities for Healthcare Recovery and Lasting Growth

After COVID-19, healthcare systems are building more resilient organizations. Collaboration, innovation and data intelligence are key.

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How to Transform CX into Customer Success and Loyalty

Combining CX, Customer Success and Loyalty delivers enterprisewide value from a marketing and sales perspective, and allows senior executives and the business gain a revenue growth engine

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3 Benefits of Working with European Sustainability Start-ups

Are the technology start-ups for sustainable development the secret sauce for the competitiveness of the European start-up ecosystem?

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How Do European Countries Rank for Emotional Engagement?

In Europe, using technology to emotionally engage with customers is starting to find purchase. Spain is leading the way, far ahead of the rest of the pack.

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Building a Digitally Resilient Organisation: Here’s Why and How

Digital resiliency is an organisation's ability to rapidly adapt to business disruptions by leveraging digital capabilities to grow and capitalise on the changed conditions.

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Remote Working Strategies in European IT Partner Organisations

Find out the strategies to manage a remote workforce and assessing the impact of the changing ways of work on partner organisations.

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