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GDPR Countdown I: Why Marketers Should Pay Attention

GDPR is fundamentally about risk: how to identify and size it, and how to minimise it. Most companies have a very loose understanding of this concept, and need assistance.

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Channel and Partner Alliance

Three Mega-Trends Affecting Partners and Channel

Partners and channel are impacted by the 3rd platform (especially cloud), changing partner landscape, and implications of these changes for partner programs.

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Strong Growth Ahead – Systems Management Software is Critical for Digital Transformation, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Success

Systems management software (SMS) is a vibrant market growing in importance. European organizations are building modern IT infrastructures to support their digital transformation initiatives.

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The UK Government Transformation Strategy, 2017-2020: What the Future Holds

The UK government published a Transformation Strategy, which launches the next stage of government digital transformation, building upon the progress of the 2012 Digital Strategy.

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Healthcare is Moving Towards Bigger Platforms

To leverage new technology like cloud, the healthcare organization should regard legacy management, application portfolio modernization and digital transformation as key strategic initiatives.

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What Will 2017 Hold for Enterprise Mobility in Europe?

A majority of European companies are still behind the curve in their adoption of mobility but we believe the year 2017 will mark a turning point for many.

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