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European Data Spaces: From Vision to Reality

There are many digital sovereignty, governance, semantic and technical interoperability challenges to overcome to fully achieve the European data spaces vision.

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How to Mitigate the Security Risks of File Synch and Sharing in Hybrid Working Environments

As more organisations embrace hybrid working, the security challenges of a decentralised workplace are becoming increasingly clear.

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Key Tech Areas Organizations in DACH Are Investing In

In response to the current era of uncertainty, DACH industries are embracing transformative new trends and technologies.

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Why Strategy Is Important to Thrive in an Economic Downturn

There are opportunities in an economic downturn, so what you do and where you allocate resources becomes increasingly important.

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Why Digital HQs Are Essential for Workplace Flexibility and Employee Loyalty

A digital HQ can break down silos, unite teams in an asynchronous work model and boost security.

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Unlocking the Power of Purpose: The Future of Work in the Era of Disruption

Placing purpose at the core of your business is most effective for employee performance and social cohesion.

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