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7 Sustainability Benefits for Your Business: Addressing the C-Suite Agenda

Sustainability is the top business risk for CEOs in Europe, but it can be an opportunity for business value when it meets the C-Suite goals.

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Unleashing the Power of Industry Clouds: Tailored Solutions for European Business Excellence

It is imperative for businesses to leverage the unparalleled benefits of Industry Clouds and Ecosystems, ensuring sustainable growth and staying at the forefront of digital evolution.

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Sustainable Air Travel: What’s on the Tech Horizon?

Travel executives need to rely on other levers to increase sustainability. One of the most critical is technology innovation, which will play a strategic role to make air travel more sustainable.

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Opportunities for Telcos and CSPs in the Satellite World

Time for all European telcos and CSPs to have a policy in place of what they want to do in including satellite into their service plans for the next few years.

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The Impact of Generative AI on the European Future of Work

To fully realize the potential of GenAI, companies need to invest in frameworks which guide talent development and innovative business models that will create value for their customers, as well as their workforce.

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Why Should We All Care about Technology in the Food Value Chain?

Leveraging technology to the benefit of safe and security across the food value chain cycle to ensure food quality, products traceability, and healthy habits while lowering food waste for a sustainable ecosystem is possible if the right technologies are implemented in the right way.

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