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Blurred business people at a trade fair / hannover messe

3 Highlights from Hannover Messe 2022 — Industrial Transformation

Companies moving to data sharing and trading, operational and IT IP resell, new digital product creations, outcome-based business models... In other words, changing to be ready for change

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Public Private Partnership is Dead… Long Live the Public Private Ecosystem

European public sector leaders that embrace the challenges and opportunity offered by an open, collaborative public private ecosystem will accelerate reform.

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4 Ideas to Future-Proof Omnichannel Strategy in Retail

Retailers are facing systemic changes in consumer behaviour to which they need to adapt rapidly. These developments are opening new opportunities for companies to get their omnichannel strategy right.

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APIs in the Enterprise — The CIO Conversation

APIs are part of the technology strategy for many companies, as they are definitely strategic tools that are part of their road maps..

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The Need for Harmonised ESG Reporting for Financial Entities

ESG reporting is facing a number of challenges in many areas of the value chain, starting with data gathering and ending with interpretation.

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7 Tech Ecosystem Trends the War in Ukraine Will Supercharge

Tech ecosystems are not immune to geopolitical change, and the long-term implications of the conflict for technology alliances are starting to become more visible.

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