Filippo Vanara
Filippo Vanara (Senior Research Analyst, European CloudOps)

Welcome to the era of xOps where the focus is on sharpening operations capabilities – ranging from visibility to governance to optimization and efficiency for maximizing the business value.

Cloud investments continue to be critical for most organizations, but many are shifting focus to a holistic approach of migration, operations, and optimization under the strategy of CloudOps and governance that also extends to FinOps and GreenOps.

The Ops focus is to optimize and manage applications and services in hybrid cloud through a complex, automated, and governed approach. The goal is to leverage intelligence and AI capabilities to get faster insights into operations to improve efficiency as well as reduce costs and carbon footprint.

Beyond GenAI, cloud costs optimization and sustainability have captured our attention in every conversation with European end-users and cloud vendors in 2023. While cloud costs optimization practices (FinOps) are becoming the norm, sustainability operations (GreenOps) are still at an early stage of maturity, but with Europe leading the path.

This extended focus on GreenOps builds on last year’s FinOps focus highlighted in IDC blog: The Era of FinOps: Focus is Shifting from Cloud Features to Cloud Value.

Why Europe?

European organizations are facing macro-economic uncertainties including inflation, talent-gap, climate crisis, and contention in Eastern Europe. In addition, the new European regulations around sustainability that enter into force in January 2024 (CSRD and ESRS), along with the increasingly sustainability awareness among the young European generation, further puts cloud vendors under pressure.

As a result, IDC’s European CloudOps survey, 2023 (N=1,057) showed that sustainability (37%) and FinOps (31%) are the top two areas that organizations have identified for investment to optimize their cloud operations. We are expecting these results to be even more markable in 2024.

The Future of FinOps and GreenOps in 2024 and Beyond

FinOps and GreenOps remain to be critical in 2024 and beyond. In fact, we expect that by the end of this year, cloud costs and complexity will drive 65% of large organizations in EMEA to increase their maturity with optimization practices, resulting in 2X greater efficiency and cost effectiveness than all organizations.

We believe there are huge opportunities for cloud vendors in both spaces. Enabling organizations with FinOps capabilities can help customers get a better understanding of their cloud spending trends in order to optimize the spend, bring transparency and accountability, and boost ROI from investments.

GreenOps, on the other hand, can bring capabilities to reduce the environmental footprint in the cloud. GrenOps also involves practices like waste reduction, switching off resources, and the transition to renewable energy, but also promoting a new company culture with a greater environmental responsibility.


Despite different objectives, the two approaches must go hand in hand as one is a big contributor to the other, and vice versa. The CloudOps community also agreed that providing granular data across cloud costs and carbon footprint (scope 1, 2, and 3), along with tailored insights and recommendations, would play a critical role in enhancing cloud vendors’ competitive advantage.

Furthermore, cloud providers need to be meticulous in measuring data, sharing what they have included and excluded, and providing data metrics. Finally, cloud vendors should also educate stakeholders, especially in less mature markets like GreenOps, resulting in a greater trust with their customers.

Stay tuned on the new EMEA CloudOps research and survey and join us on Tuesday, January 23rd, at 11am GMT, where we will discuss the new IDC FutureScape 2024: European Cloud, including trends and opportunities around FinOps and GreenOps.

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