Marc Dowd
Marc Dowd (Principal, European Client Advisory)

ICT Governance – Does the New Environment Mean You Need to Make Changes?

Thursday 27th October 2022 17:00 CET

Recent IDC research shows that ICT Governance is a growing area of concern for Digital Leaders. New facets such as API, IoT and data governance are expanding becoming recognized as business issues. The success of ICT governance – making the right decisions at the right time – can, increasingly, make a huge difference to the success of the whole organisation. The concepts of Agile and Pervasive Governance should be part of your thinking and be incorporated urgently into your organisation. In this session topics we expect to cover are:

  • Is your current governance structure really fit-for-purpose?
  • Given the importance of IT in the future of your organisation are the right people involved in your Governance processes?
  • How do you really build an agile pervasive governance structure?
  • Do you really need to change anything or are sure your processes are right?

Are Business Process Discovery Tools Worth the Cost and the Effort?

Thursday 24th November 2022 17:00 CET

Every business initiative needs a solid business case. Back in the day when businesses grew by intuition rather than by design there was scope for experimentation and IT had to “catch up” and provide the systems to match the processes that were already in place.

In this session we will look at the rise of tools discover how your organisation actually works and can serve as a template for the changes that should be made to obtain the best business return.

In this session we expect to discuss:

  • The reality of using business process tools,
  • The impact of tools on business agility and successful ROI,
  • The challenges of implementing these tools and the changes they imply to the way the organisation functions.

Web3, The Metaverse and the Bight Distributed Future. Why It Really Is Something to Consider Today, or Maybe Not?

Thursday 8th December 2022 17:00 CET

Will going to work as an avatar be any different from a video meeting today. I cannot imagine going back to purely voice calls for my meetings with clients – will we feel the same in a few years about being present in the Metaverse?

From a business perspective how could a distributed economy where commerce has moved into the virtual world change your organisation? Is there going to be an advantage to being a first mover in your industry? How do you explain the importance, or lack of importance, of this area to you less digital knowledgeable collegues?

In this session we will discuss the how we should approach this topic:

  • Developing a presence in the Metaverse – is it a priority?
  • Are Web3 wallets and apps going to survive hype, regulation and cyber-crime,
  • Managing the complexity increased distributed data,
  • The security, sovereignty issues around the use of these technologies?


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