Jack Vernon
Jack Vernon (Senior Research Analyst, European AI Systems)

After the success of the inaugural IDC Data Strategy and Innovation Awards in 2020, the awards team at IDC was unsure about how the awards would play out in only their second year, given the unprecedented changes that all companies have experienced. However, when it came to it, the process of reading nominations for IDC’s Data Strategy & Innovation Awards for 2021 has proven that for many organizations, their pandemic response has not only been a success; it has been driven by digital innovation.

This awards program has generated huge interest from the technology community in industries across EMEA: across our three awards categories, we received a total of 52 nominations. The judges had a very difficult job of narrowing down the many nominations to reach a shortlist of 3 to 4 projects within each category.

We are delighted to announce the organizations that made the category shortlists! They are as follows (drum roll please…):

Innovation with Artificial Intelligence

  • Aksigorta A.Ş. – This major Turkish Insurer used DataRobot’s AI technology to revolutionize its price modeling.
  • Zopa – This UK-based peer-to-peer lender introduced Explainable AI and human-in-the-loop systems into its fraud detection systems with the help of AWS Clarify.
  • HSBC – A European team part of this multinational bank has developed a tool for handling internal policy queries using Google’s Cloud’s Contact Center AI and DialogFlow technology.
  • NHSBSA – The UK National Health Service Business Service Authority was able to automate and improve handling of calls to its call centers using Amazon Connect, Alexa, and Lex.

Data Powered Business

  • Lloyd’s of London – The insurance marketplace worked with Qlik to build an Insight Hub to create a single place for companies within the marketplace to come for information, all of which had previously been delivered via manually produced PDFs.
  • Molslinjen AS – ThisDanish ferry operator worked with Halfspace to dramatically improve its passenger forecasting.
  • Wigan NHS Trust – This UK-based primary healthcare trust used Qlik’s technology to help front-line staff capture details of who had tested positive for COVID-19, without the need for spreadsheets or pen and paper.
  • Castor – Castor, a Netherlands-based data capture platform, worked with Alteryx to deliver a data platform for handling medical data, automating manual meta-analysis data tasks reducing the time required from up to five days to just five minutes.

Data Management Excellence

  • ENGIE – This utility delivered a “Common Data Hub” to enable collaborative and distributed sharing to ENGIE customers and stakeholders, using a range of AWS systems.
  • Commerzbank – This multi-regional bank developed a new system for presenting and retaining customer data in response to regulatory changes, using Cloudera’s technology.
  • United Group – The Southeastern European telecoms and media company worked with Vertica to develop a standard data and analytics infrastructure. It can easily integrate new systems, which is an inevitability as it continues to make strategic business acquisitions in the region.

Want to find out what happens next?

All three final category award winners will be formally announced on June 7th at  IDC’s European Data Intelligence Summit, at 17:00 UK / 18.00 CET.


To learn more about our upcoming research, please contact Jack Vernon, or head over to https://www.idc.com/eu and drop your details in the form on the top right.

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