Duncan Brown
Duncan Brown (VP of Enterprise Research Europe)

To Us


Fair fa’ your honest sauncy faces

Great chieftains o’ the high tech races

Aboon them a’ ye tak’ yer places

Crypto, Quantum

Well are ye worthy of all praises

Tech leaders become


IDC analysts see through the hype that

High tech draws, less trend, more tat

The 3D metaverse distinctly flat

Robotics weedy

ML and AI, now old hat

“Autonomous” cars needy


All tech depends on strong security

Without which none would reach maturity

And not forgetting our ally Privacy

GDPR does the biz

Emerging too is sovereignty

Whatever that is


We deal with every kind of threat

That cause our CISO friends to sweat

On us the users place their bet

What’s not to like?

Oh CISO there’s no need to fret

Should ransomware strike


But caution, lest ourselves be skinned

It’s Trust on which all hopes are pinned

Let’s not be the next Solar Wind

Kaseya hacked

Laugh not when other vendors sinned

When you’re attacked


We’re all part of the Community

Our strength is vendor unity

Which grows the opportunity

Revenues desirous

And creates a herd immunity

But not from the other kind of virus


So here we sit with vaccines dosed

The best night out we like to boast

And IDC your grateful host

Please take my lead

I offer you a Scottish Toast

Wha’s like us? Damn few, and they’re a’ deid.


Duncan Brown presenting at the IDC Security Dinner 2022
Duncan Brown presenting at the IDC Security Dinner 2022
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