Rosie Secchi
Rosie Secchi (Research Manager)

The European roaming market is expected to look hugely different after the new regulation will come into force, leaving mobile operators with the big challenge of re-inventing and re-marketing the roaming experience.

This business environment will change to become low price and high volume in its structure and will increasingly be considered by customers as part of the value proposition. Particularly, with more subscribers using their phone abroad, operators will look for different ways to monetize data, to deliver innovative services and re-build the data experience, whether at home or abroad. Here is some advice for telecoms operators to adapt their organizations to the new roaming market:

  • in times when data usage is the most important growth factor in mobile spending, telcos should focus on improving the data experience for customers using their data abroad
  • matching the increased demand of data will increasingly become a challenge in a RLAH scenario, and exploring new LTE-based networks that provide better reliability and quality of experience may prove to be crucial
  • operators should also focus on delivering a unique QoE for core, traditional services, as subscribers currently using alternative methods while travelling, such as buying cheap SIM cards, could rely more on their current operator to provide better voice and data services
  • Telcos should implement data analytics strategies for using customer information to reduce the number of unprofitable customers and retain the most valuable ones.

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