Strong Growth Ahead - Systems Management Software is Critical for Digital Transformation, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Success

Carla Arend (Lead analyst European Cloud Research)
Systems management software (SMS) is a vibrant market growing in importance. European organizations are building modern IT infrastructures to support their digital transformation initiatives, and cloud service usage is becoming mainstream and needs to be managed well. Read more

The UK Government Transformation Strategy, 2017-2020: What the Future Holds

Max Claps (Research Director, IDC Government Insights)
The UK government published a Transformation Strategy, which launches the next stage of government digital transformation, building upon the progress of the 2012 Digital Strategy. It aims to respond to citizens’ expectations for more convenient and responsive services, and increase value for money from government investments,Read more

Healthcare is Moving Towards Bigger Platforms

The exact definition of EHR (Electronic Healthcare Journal) isn’t clear in healthcare. Some talk about a narrow EHR solution platform, while other identifies it as a platform with several wider capabilities.Read more

What Will 2017 Hold for Enterprise Mobility in Europe?

Angela Salmeron (Associate Research Director, European Future of Work)
A majority of European companies are still behind the curve in their adoption of mobility but we believe the year 2017 will mark a turning point for many. Our mobility survey fielded in February shows companies are accelerating their mobile strategies in response to several market forces:

Read more