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3D Printing: Beyond Prototyping, Moving to Production

There is a good chance that in the 3D printing world, 2018 will be recalled as that year when first scientist and researchers were able 3D print an artificial cornea using human cells.

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Wanted: A Digital Toolbox for Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing might be undergoing the biggest transformation ever. For this, it needs to create and offer more integrated products and services.

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European Oil and Gas Companies Reinventing IT Strategies to Drive Digital Innovation and Build Resilient Business

As soon as crude rose above $60-a-barrel in December 2017, many extraction projects became economically viable and the oil industry came to life again.

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Data Ethics

Data Ethics Will be the New Competitive Advantage

"Data ethics are essential if we are to benefit from the opportunities arising from the likes of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Does A “Cloud First” Strategy Make Sense in Europe?

"Cloud first" has been propagated as the one and only proper cloud strategy for some time, mainly by US-based cloud providers.

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Are European Enterprises Adopting Digital Customer Journey Management?

Customer journey management is a hot topic in management. Traditional differentiation on product and price is replaced by end-to-end customer journey experiences

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