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GDPR is More Than a Security Issue: Think Governance!

GDPR is an issue then for data and analytics professionals, as much as security staff: the Chief Data Officer, or its equivalent inside or outside the IT department.

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Delivering ‘Contextual and Value-Centric Insurance’

To tackle the challenges and stay relevant in an ever-evolving market, many insurance organizations are embarking on a transformation journey.

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5G May Be Mobile’s Shiny New Thing, but There is Plenty of Innovation to Come from 4G Networks

It’s important not to lose sight of how much potential remains in 4G mobile networks for meeting the demands of both consumers and businesses.

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Insights From Infosec 2017: Aims of Unified Security Signal the Start of the Security Platform Wars

The most commonly referenced topic at Infosec was GDPR. The other theme can be referred as unified security, integrated security or platform security.

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Top Market Trends for IoT Adoption in Healthcare

ICT vendors have several opportunities in the IoT platform space in healthcare, as a sensor manufacturer, systems integrator or application developer.

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What Does Brexit Mean for the Financial Services Industry?

Its unique competitive positioning, progressive regulation, and a buoyant fintech sector have lost little appeal to the financial sector.

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