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Top Market Trends for IoT Adoption in Healthcare

ICT vendors have several opportunities in the IoT platform space in healthcare, as a sensor manufacturer, systems integrator or application developer.

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What Does Brexit Mean for the Financial Services Industry?

Its unique competitive positioning, progressive regulation, and a buoyant fintech sector have lost little appeal to the financial sector.

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2.0: What Should Telcos Do With the New Roaming Legislation?

Telcos should focus on improving the data experience for customers using their data abroad, reliability and quality of experience.

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1.0: Challenges for Telcos: The new EU Roaming Regulation

The effect of the new legislation: telecom operators cannot apply any surcharge in addition to the domestic retail price on any EU roaming customer.

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Quantum Computing: The Next Big Thing in Financial Services?

The next generation of computing processors promise to have far more processing power than anything we've seen before. Quantum heralds a huge new wave of disruption for the financial industry.

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GDPR Readiness – Print Could Compromise Compliance

GDPR awareness is growing, but don’t overlook your print infrastructure. It could be the chink in your armour that will mean non-compliance and cost you dearly.

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