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Achieving a Superior Patient Experience in Digital Healthcare Services: The Role of Design-Thinking

Patients expect healthcare organizations to provide personalized and convenient solutions. To be successful in such situations, healthcare executives will need to adopt new ways of identifying and solving business opportunities and problems.

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The Future of the Workplace: The Digital Workspace

For Millennials, and their supporters, the workplace is not a static environment or limited to specific hours (9am to 6pm).

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Mobility: A Shifting Focus Toward Services And Software

Mobility may have less appeal then other cutting-edge technologies in the market, but, as one of the four pillars of IDC's 3rd Platform, is at the heart of the digital transformation journey that many enterprises are still struggling with. And it is a multi-step and multi-faced innovation exercise.

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Why GDPR Should Matter for Mobile Workers

Are enterprises aware of GDPR and if so, what are they doing to protect mobile workers and mobile devices from a data breach?

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5G gets real at Mobile World Congress 2018

High-profile smartphone launches have traditionally been the attention-grabbing events at MWC, and this year saw its fair share of such events.

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IDC International Women’s Day – III

In honour of International Women's Day, we are highlighting IDC’s “Women in Tech”, who for many years, have been playing an active role in shaping the technology research business

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